Religious School

CBI's Judaica and Hebrew curriculum aim to enrich students' involvement in synagogue and Jewish life. As such, our programs appeal to a wide variety of learning styles, and incorporate kinesthetic, active learning alongside textbooks. Every Sunday begins with a family participatory tefillah (prayer) service from 9:30-10am, with the aim of bonding together as a community, practicing the prayers that students learn in class, and deepening a student's personal connection to worship, theological exploration, and historical liturgy. The following are our primary religious school programs:

religious school 1K'tonton is a family program for children ages 3 to 5 that includes parents and grandparents. This program focuses on different Jewish values through stories and hands-on learning, and offers library, music, cooking, and art time, as well as parent education. Temple membership is not required to register.

PreK/Kindergarten is a combined class that runs on a two-year curriculum, and covers holidays, Hebrew terms, prayers, God, the synagogue and basic Jewish concepts.

1st-7th grade Judaica utilizes the Union of Reform Judaism's Chai Curriculum, a spiraling curriculum that builds upon itself year by year. It asks the big questions that are relevant to students' lives and explores the richness and depth of Jewish tradition through a core program of Torah, Avodah, and G'milut Chasidim, covering God, sacred texts, values, holidays, Israel, and more.

boys writingOur Pre K through 3rd grade Hebrew program focuses on letter recognition and reading fluency, while 4th-6th grade students spend 45 minutes every Sunday and 1.5 hours every Tuesday engaged in Hebrew learning to become fluent in and understand the purpose and meaning of liturgical prayers and the order of the service. 6th grade also learns Torah and Haftarah trope with Cantor Steinberg, and our 7th grade focuses on conversational Hebrew, utilizing Behrman House's Let's Talk: Modern Hebrew for Teens!

Our program also offers significant elective programs. K'tonton and PreK/K-3rd grade rotate through different sessions of art, library, cooking, and music with the Cantor. Our 4th-7th graders participate in a rotational chugim (elective) program for half an hour every Sunday and Tuesday in which they can choose from a variety of offerings including Jewish yoga, creative writing, art, conversational Hebrew, Israeli dance, cooking, theatre, Hebrew calligraphy, and more. After six consecutive sessions of the same chug, each chug puts on a "chug presentation" to which parents are invited, and students then choose a new chug for the next session. Our goal is to offer a wide variety of options to stimulate and engage our children.

Religious School Materials:

Religious School Family Handbook

For information about our educational goals, our Judaica and Hebrew programs, family involvement, and more, click on the link above.

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2017-2018 Religious School Calendar: Click here to download the calendar.

Religious School and Kesher Scholarship Opportunity

Congregation B'nai Israel believes that every child should be able to have a Jewish education. Click on the link above to download a scholarship application. Please note that the Religious School Scholarship Fund is a need-based fund and our guidelines state that we may be able to award scholarships of up to 50% of tuition costs.

Religious School

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