2014confirmationclassphoto2014 Confirmation Class Many of our students choose to continue their Jewish studies beyond their b'nai mitzvah. At CBI, confirmation occurs in the tenth grade following intensive study with clergy.

The concept of confirmation began in the 1800's in Europe with Judaism's Reform movement. Confirmation provides a goal for continuing studies and permits students to explore concepts in greater depth and understanding then would have been possible at a younger age. Unlike the individual focus of the b'nai mitzvah process, confirmation is a community of young adults confirming their commitment to Judaism and Jewish living.

Reform leaders drew a parallel between the Jewish people's acceptance of the Torah at Mount Sinai and Jewish confirmation students accepting the role of Judaism in their lives. Thus, it has become customary to hold confirmation ceremonies on the festival of Shavuot, which celebrates the anniversary of receiving the Torah. Confirmands conduct a service together, reading Torah and presenting their d'roshes, or teachings.

At CBI, the culmination of confirmation for most students is the confirmation class trip. It has become a tradition for most of the participants in each year's confirmation class to travel as a group to Israel for several weeks in the summer. Their trip is generally affiliated with the North American Federation of Temple Youth.

To bond as a community, and to defray the costs of the trip, the group, together with their families, perform a variety of fundraising activities. These may include raffles, theater events, "Parent's Night Out" childcare, pizza sales and car washes all marketed to the congregation.

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