Focus on Racial Justice

Focus on Racial Justice

Racial Justice

Created in Fall 2015, the Racial Justice Committee focuses on strengthening our congregation's commitment to the Jewish value of equal justice.

Our Vision - CBI will:

  • Be inclusive of people of all backgrounds and races and we will celebrate diversity.
  • Further awareness of systemic oppression faced by people of color and privileges of those perceived as white
  • Through social and political action efforts, be an active ally in working with the Reform Jewish movement and local community groups involved in racial justice efforts

Our Mission - The Focus on racial Justice will:

  • Increase self-awareness of our own racial biases and priviledge
  • Build awareness in our congregation about our own diversity and celebrate it
  • Create and ensure a safe environment for all people involved with CBI
  • Educate our congregation about the Jewish values of tikkun olam and racial justice
  • Incrrease awareness about issues of racial injustice and bias, priviledge, and systemic racism
  • Develop ways for congregants to become involved in efforts to further racial justice within our congregation, the Reform Jewish movement, and the larger community

We are affiliated with the Religious Action Center of Reform Judiasm (RAC.) For more information on the RAC's racial justice program please follow this link (will take you out of our webpage.)

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